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Holy Kow book
                coverHoly Kow! Who's Dead Now? (2014)

No sooner has P.I. Polly Berger landed a new case with a sizable fee than she finds herself in hot water with a Los Angeles street gang. One distraction after another prevents her from nailing down a fat paycheck for locating the missing wife of televangelist Harvey (known to the press as 'Holy') Kow. Most distressing of all, Polly finds herself caught up in the murder of a member of the Go 4 Gold barbershop quartet from Holy Kow's church. Will Polly's investigation strike a sour note and fall flat, or will she resolve the discord so harmony reigns? [
The 3rd P.I. Polly Berger Mystery]   


Singapore Assassin angled book cover pic The Singapore Assassin (2013)

Vying for ascendency in power and wealth, a Chinese global asset management firm based in Singapore dispatches an experienced team to assassinate the President of the United States.  Can the joint efforts of American and British Intelligence uncover the treasonous collaboration inside the United States and terminate a plan to fundamentally alter world political and economic power? [Sequel to The Shadow Cabinet] 


Shadow Cabinet
                      angled cover picThe Shadow Cabinet (2013)

In a top-secret bunker buried deep beneath FEMA headquarters on Mount Weather, a mysterious doppelgänger organization know as THE SHADOW CABINET prepares for the unthinkable. Secretly appointed by Congress, members of the Continuity of Government initiative prepare to carry on government functions in the event of a catastrophic national emergency. But Shadow President Fred McGuire has other ideas. His unhappiness with the current Administration translates into a cold-blooded plot to overthrow the executive branch and seize control of the White House.


Adieu at the
                      Zoo angled cover picAdieu at the Zoo (2012)

The discovery of a dead body in Jefferson County Zoo's new Wetlands exhibit turns the life of Horticulture Curator Samantha (Sam) Clark, upside down. Who dumped the body and why? Hort tech Jodie found the body and now worries about a serial killer running loose, especially when a member of the zoo's security force goes missing the next day. Dead bodies and missing employees aren't the only problems plaguing the zoo. An FBI investigation into an international plant smuggling ring lands on Sam's doorstep, and she's forced to clear her name. Dan Saunders, the zoo's handsome Head of Security offers a helping hand. He's divorced; she's widowed and determined never to marry again. They make a good "pear," according to Jodie.


Growing up with Pigs angled cover picGrowing Up With Pigs (2010)

Growing Up With Pigs is a collection of twenty-two humorous and heart-warming stories about growing up in the 1950's that includes a vivid portrait of life on a small family farm. The title story first appeared in the January 2010 issue of Southern Women's Review (page 72). See my News page for the location of more short stories.


 Holy Mole Murder angled cover picHoly Mole Murder (2011)

When La Gringa's sous chef disappears in the middle of the night along with his Mole Poblano recipe, restaurant owner and former stripper Cinda Mae Bradbury hires P.I. Polly Berger to investigate. Cinda Mae thinks the Galactic Masters kidnapped her chef for his Mole recipe. Polly's ex, Hollywood Detective Johnny Birdwhistle, has a different answer when a mole-covered corpse turns up in the kitchen of a nearby restaurant. Polly's not sure either are right and neither are her new found friends, the Sidereal Society sisters. Besides, who would kill somebody for a Mole recipe?


Holy Death (2008)

Cinda Mae Bradbury, real stripper, fake southern belle, has a problem. Her boyfriend is being poisoned. She thinks it's Santa Muerte (Saint Death) doing it. P.I. Polly Berger isn't so sure. The cult of Holy Death may be many things—witchcraft, heresy, blasphemy, but it's probably not sending good-looking men to Heaven to sleep with the saint. On the other hand, someone definitely sent Cinda's soon-to-be ex-husband to sleep with the fishes. Which means that Polly (the P.I.), her secretary (the stand-up comic), and her ex-husband (the detective), have a problem, too. Not that this is news.


A Corpse for the Matadora (2011)

When American researcher Anna Merino promised English lessons to Commander José Cortez, Head of the Homicide Division of the Tlaxcala State Police, she never expected to become embroiled in the world of Mexican bullfighting, a murder investigation, or a tangled romance. Set in the State of Tlaxcala, Mexico's smallest (and safest) state, the novel offers an exciting read with fascinating characters living their story amid the colorful background of rural village life.


A Corpse for Cuamantla
              angled cover pic

A Corpse for Cuamantla (2008)

When American anthropologist Anna Merino arrives in the sleepy village of Cuamantla in rural Tlaxcala Mexico to conduct her dissertation research, she becomes embroiled in a homicide and the theft of the village's most prized possession, the Real Cedula, a document from King Philip II of Spain, dating back to 1551. Stress and Intrigue ratchet up when Anna becomes entangled in the murder investigation by inadvertently filming the killer. Fearing her life is in danger if the killer realizes she holds the key to his or her identity, Anna enlists the help of two handsome and charismatic men, at least one of whom seems intent on capturing her affection.