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The second P.I. Polly Berger mystery

P.I. Polly Berger’s favorite client Cinda Mae Bradbury, faux southern belle and former stripper turned restaurant entrepreneur, hires Polly’s Hollywood firm, Berger Investigations, Inc., to find her missing sous chef, Enrique ‘Henry’ Duran. When Polly inquires about the circumstances of his disappearance, Cinda Mae (owner of La Gringa’s Mexican restaurant, and a member of the local Sidereal Society), tells Polly she believes the Galactic Masters abducted Henry because they want his recipe for Mole Poblano. A skeptical Polly agrees to take the case when her part-time secretary and karate instructor, standup comedian Bernardo (Bunny) Contreras, reminds her how much they need the money.
Shortly into the investigation, Polly’s ex-husband, Hollywood Detective Johnny Birdwhistle, informs Polly that Henry is a suspect in the murder of a chef at Pueblo Toni’s, a nearby Mexican restaurant. The murder occurred the same night Henry and Pueblo Toni’s niece Estela, disappeared. Polly finds herself in more trouble than she bargained for during the investigation, when her car is forced off a steep winding road in the Hollywood Hills, sending her to the hospital and totaling her precious car. In the midst of it all, Polly's identical twin sister Franny, arrives from Pittsburgh to escape her abusive husband, who shows up at Polly's house carrying a gun.
The only good news arrives in the form of a confession from two elderly sisters in the local Sidereal Society who admit to murdering Pueblo Toni's chef. Or, is this good news? Polly's not sure, and if that isn't enough, she has to deal with the contentious relationship between her secretary and her ex. So what’s new about that?


Fun reading!


"Want to enjoy a really good read? Want to meet some interesting characters? Want to have a few good belly laughs and lots of chuckles while weaving your way through the mystery? If so, Harol Marshall is the person to take you for a ride. Be sure to place tongue in cheek before proceeding. That is the best way to enjoy the experience. Funny, absorbing, entertaining...loved it!.

~  Reader J.G.

Cute, fun read


Lots of action kept the story moving. Good descriptive writing. Likeable main characters. Varied supporting cast, and I really enjoyed the food!

~ Reader E.C.