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Coming out in paperback in February, and on Kindle e-books in March, 2014

Here's a brief summary. Enjoy!

Polly Berger's work week gets off to a bad start when a gangland drive-by shooting tears up Rosa's Reading Room on the first floor of Polly's office building. Fortunately for Rosa, she was in the back room and survived, but now she insists Polly find the gangbangers who shot up her place. Rosa suggests it's the work of her new boyfriend Marko's wife. As if that isn't enough to fry Polly's brain, her secretary Bunny Contreras, tells her that shyster lawyer Bugsy Bernstein wants to pay Polly's P.I. firm big bucks to help with a case.

Polly is uncertain she wants to sign on when she learns Bugsy's client is the Right Reverend Harvey Kow, a Hollywood televangelist known to the media as Holy Kow. Kow is the pastor and founder of Hollywood's notorious Golden Cathedral, and his wife Holly (yes, Holly), is missing. The D.A.'s office suspects Harvey. Bugsy asks Polly to find Kow's wife and help clear the preacher's name. Polly wonders if that's even possible.

During the course of Polly's investigation, rumors surface of an affair between the missing Holly and the lead singer in the Cathedral's Go 4 Gold barbershop quartet. Polly convinces Bunny to join the Cathedral's Golden Oldies barbershop chorus in order to gather evidence about the quartet's lead singer. Unfortunately, matters go from bad to worse when Polly and Bunny stumble on the murder of one of the quartet members. Inevitably, suspicion falls on the baritone, but Polly isn't so sure. Will Polly's investigation strike a sour note and fall flat, or will she resolve the discord and bring harmony back to the barbershop world? And what about Holy Kow's missing Holly? Not to mention Rosa and the gangbangers. Polly has her hands full in this one.