The first P.I. Polly Berger mystery

When stripper Cinda Mae Bradbury walks into private investigator Polly Berger's Hollywood office, she brings a dazzling smile and a whole lot of trouble with her! Polly is always up for a challenge, and the gorgeous entertainer at the nearby CatWalk strip club brings Polly a case she just can’t resist jumping into with both feet.

But Polly and her stand-up comic secretary, Bunny, barely scratch the tip of the iceberg before things turn deadly. What’s happening with the strange Señora at the Botanica de Angeles, the Mass of Santa Muerte, and the dead bodies that keep turning up?

When bullets fly, Polly could never guess she’d be so glad to have her ex-husband, Johnny Birdwhistle, helping out on the case. A crack detective with the Hollywood Police Department (HYPD), Johnny has his own reasons for lending a hand. But can Polly go back into a relationship—business or otherwise—with Johnny? Polly finds herself knee-deep in one of the most dangerous cases she’s ever taken on—one that involves murder and human trafficking…and it all started just down the street at The CatWalk.

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Don't say murder can't be fun

  . . . Told in the first person, Polly not only leads the reader on a well plotted mystery, but manages to leave the reader with belly laughs, chuckles and smiles. Harol Marshall is a fine addition to the mystery writing field. I look forward to her next book.

~  Agnes Alexander author of Reba's Cowboy.



I'm still laughing!
"What a cornucopia of colorful characters! I just loved the tongue-in-cheek approach Harol Marshall has taken with this book. My guess is it was as much fun to write as it was to read. I literally could not put it down. Funny, funny stuff. More please!"

~ Reader, J. G.

Excellent entertainment

" Such a fun read! This could easily be a nice afternoon's worth of reading, with very enjoyable characters. Cinda Mae is such a character, one who deserves roles in future stories. This P.I. Berger series of books are very entertaining and worth the read."

~Reader J.M.