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The first Jefferson Zoo mystery

The discovery of a dead body in Jefferson County Zoo's new Wetlands exhibit turns the life of Horticulture Curator Samantha (Sam) Clark, upside down. Who dumped the body and why? Sam's employee and friend, Hort tech Jodie, found the body and now worries about a serial killer running loose, especially when a member of the zoo's security force goes missing the next day.

Dead bodies and missing employees aren't the only problems plaguing this zoo in north central North Carolina. An FBI investigation into an international plant smuggling ring lands on Sam's doorstep. Thanks to the good friend (mistress?) of the Zoo's General Curator, suspicion falls on Sam and she's forced to clear her name. Digging into the matter puts Samís life in danger.

Complicating matters further is wealthy donor and eligible batchelor Nelson Farthington, whose father owns a world class plant collection. Surely, he doesn't suspect Sam, or does he? Sam needs Farthington Foundation money to spruce up the rhino exhibit and can't afford to have a cloud of suspicion hanging over her head. Dan Saunders, the zoo's handsome Head of Security offers a helping hand. Like Sam, Dan escaped to the Jefferson Zoo to start a new life. He's divorced. She's widowed and determined never to marry again. They make a good "pear," according to Jodie.


Great Story!


"Loved learning about zoos. Characters were entertaining and pace was fast. Couldn't put it down -- wanted to find out who did it."

~ Reader, C. Moore


 Love it!

Adieu at the Zoo is a fabulous suspense filled ride full of twists and turns. Marshall's characters are well developed. Her ability to give you just the right amount of description and narration put you in the Jefferson Zoo side by side with Samantha Clark. Marshall's writing is as smooth a silk - a standard in what we've come to expect in all of her books.

~Karen Fritz,
Author of Blind Vision.