Book 2 in the Commander Cortez series

When American anthropologist Anna Merino agrees to provide English lessons to Commander José Cortez, Head of the Homicide Division of the Tlaxcala State Police, she never expects to become involved in a murder investigation. The murder victim turns out to be the female business manager of a local bullfighting team whose 'matador' is a young woman.  An American tourist who has business connections with the murder victim is the Commander's lead suspect. The American hopes Anna can help prove his innocence, but Anna worries it may be too late for that.

Despite Anna's strong dislike of bullfighting, she agrees to help with the Commander's investigation. Does her attraction to the handsome Commander have anything to do with her decision?  As Cortez's investigation turns up one false lead after another, Anna becomes friends with the Matadora, even after she becomes a suspect in her business manager's murder. Both Anna and the Matadora find their lives in danger when they expose the real killer. As for what happens to Anna's relationship with Commander Cortez? That remains to be seen.


Ole for Aficionados of Harol Marshall

I read this book somewhat unwillingly as I seldom if ever read mysteries...Boy, what a surprise ... this mystery was, as someone else wrote, so good you could hardly put it down. I was impressed with Marshall's lively style and believable characters. Most of all I appreciated the bullfighting glossary and the account of a real bullfight ... even Hemingway fell short in this regard. This book is a look also at Mexican culture and its people. So much more than just simply a mystery!
~ Reader V.C.S.

A book with the continuation of the same suspense and the same likeable characters that were in A Corpse for Cuamanta

I hoped there would be a sequel to A Corpse for Cuamanta and I was anxious to read more about Anna and Cortez. Harol Marshall has a way of describing each scene to make it so real you feel you are there with the main characters who, by the way, are very likeable. The suspense in her book kept me reading, wanting to find out what would happen on the next page. I had no idea who the murderer was until it was finally revealed on the last few pages of the book … I learned a lot about Mexico. I loved the main characters, Anna and Cortez. I certainly recommend A Corpse for the Matadora. I'll look forward to reading the 3rd sequel, A Corpse for Cortez.
~ Reader N. H.